AR Will Create A Big Impact On Event And Exhibition

In this era of information explosion, traditional advertising such as Light boxes,Billboard and Print Ads are not good enough to attract the attention of target customers. With the hardware (for example: Goolge glass, Hololens, Smartphone) matures and the popularity of the Augmented Reality (AR) I believe that the application of AR will become new trend in Event and Exhibition and will change it completely in the future.

Nowadays, a lot of event decoration are built out of wood. In the future, most of it can be replaced by 3D animation+ Microsoft Hololens + AR+VR!! It is not only does not affect the field of environment, but also make the scene of the environment more abundant and infectious. And the brand’s image and philosophy can more effectively implant target client’s mind!!

However, from the point of view of Exhibition and Event,  the key success of AR application is to create a unity app/ system which can recognize all objects in the world, instead of different independent applications for different objects. So that, it is very convenient for people to use different device to explore all objects which have already embedded AR!! And I believe this platform will be developed and launched very soon!!

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